Welcome to Katy Kay Florals

Katy Kay Florals​ is turning faux floral arrangements into realistic masterpieces to brighten up any living and office space.

Each beautiful faux floral arrangement is created as a set. You can choose from our wide selection of unique floral sets, whether it is an arrangement in multiple vases, a set that includes candle holders, or a flower arrangement with a set tray that complement the beauty of each floral design.

Our floral sets are one-of-a-kind and is meant for you and like-minded individuals who appreciate the beautiful aspect of nature in faux floral form. They are meticulously made with much thought and care by our designers.

We guarantee that our stunning floral sets will manifest nature’s enchanting touch and radiate beauty and positive vibes throughout your living or work space.

One Of A Kind

Have you ever wanted to own something that no one else has? If so, you must check out our one-of-a-kind floral arrangements. We do not duplicate designs therefore, you will have a unique set created just for you.

Custom Made

Katy Kay Florals also creates designs upon client’s requests. Whether you fancy chic, rustic, or whimsical vibes, we will cater to your desired taste. We’ll make the arrangement look and feel like it was meant for only you.